RATING: 5 Stars

"Wholesome stuff right here"

This podcast is a great resource for addiction information. Chris and Matt are not only informed but their knowledge is based on their own experiences in recovery. I own a copy of Chris's book  and recommend it to all those struggling with alcohol addiction.


RATING: 5 Stars

"Opened new doors to healing!"

Matt Finch you have been the BEST resource in my husbands journey to recovery. 1.5 hours with you literally changed our lives and made more sense than anything medical proessionals were telling us!!! My husband is an MD but like Many was too trusting of the system. Matt, you are relatable and such a wealth of in that makes sense for my husband to reach his goal! Thank you for this podcast. Definitely looking at also hypnosis and NAD.


RATING: 5 Stars


So glad I found Chris' YouTube channel or else I would have never known about this Podcast! Just finished all episodes and this podcast is absolutely amazing! Keep up the great work Matt and Chris!


RATING: 5 Stars

"Great information delievered with passion and intelligence"

This podcast has some amazing information. The alcohol recovery world is filled with many useful, but overwhelming similar recovery ideologies and methods. They do it differently here, shedding a light on the more biological and mental ways of healing and recovering, which I believe the key to getting more people healthier, and off the sauce. I've been watching Chris Scott's you tube videos for years and finally the podcast gives some long format listening that is just as informational and thought provoking.


RATING: 5 Stars

"Amazing approach to health and recovery!"

This dynamic and thought-provoking duo, are as fun to listen to, as they are charismatic - they provide solid information, excellent personal insight/experiences and valuable resources! The guest speakers are just as wonderful, insightful and inspiring! I cannot recommend this podcast enough. :)

-Velvet J

RATING: 5 Stars

"Guidance Wisdom Trustworthiness"

Love this podcast and the intention of bringing actual and truthful health and recovery and Thriving in Life after addiction is conquered by individuals. 

Keep this podcast going! I am subscribing and sharing and loving it!

-Adam Goodson

RATING: 5 Stars

"Great podcast with great intentions"

This podcast is definitely worth a listen if you or someone you love strugles with addiction. Very informative! I love what these guys are about & I hope it helps everyone who listens. I had a short stint one summer & reached out to Matt for advice, he's willing to do what he can for everyone and anyone. It's heartwarming to see that he's not giving up on helping others.


RATING: 5 Stars


This pocast is incredible! Matt and Chris's vision for helping others and making an impact in this world is so inspiring. I am so honored to know Matt and call him my friend. He truly has helped me change my life and I will forever be grateful!


RATING: 5 Stars

"A must listen"

For anyone needing encouragement to keep fighting the good fight! Great content!


RATING: 5 Stars

"A better way"

Rehabs need to listen to these podcasts and their entire staff. Especially The Doctors. Thank you Matt 


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