Origin Story

Welcome to Elevation Recovery!!! We’re in our second year of the show and going strong. The Elevation Recovery Podcast is cohosted by Opioid Recovery Coach Matt Finch and Alcohol Recovery Coach Chris Scott.

Matt and Chris met online more than four years ago and knew right away that they had the same beliefs about addiction recovery.

After several years of being colleagues and friends, they decided to collaborate and start Elevation Recovery, which they launched in the summer of 2019 with eight episodes.

Since then, between the two of them and the many guests they've had on the show, the Elevation Recovery Podcast now has more than 175 episodes and counting.

Matt and Chris have a combined total of more than 13 years of recovery between them, and they love sharing what they've learned on the Elevation Recovery Podcast as well as on their other websites,

FitRecovery.com and OpiateAddictionSupport.com.

Guests Featured on the Podcast

Chris and Matt have interviewed addiction professionals and other specialists such as Julia Ross, Christina Veselak, Jan Veselak, Carolyn Reuben, Dr. Ken Starr, Mark Mathews, Dr. Rebeca Eriksen, Dr. John Umhau, Tricia Lewis, Kelly Howell, Dave Jansa, David Hampton, and Andrew Lassise.

Along with these professionals, there have also been numerous guests on the show who've shared their inspirational stories of overcoming various addictions such as opioid addiction, alcohol addiction, food addiction, and more.

Ken Starr, M.D., FACEP

Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine and runs the premiere NAD+ treatment center on the west coast.

dr. rebecca eriksen clinical nutritional interventions for addiction recovery

Dr. Rebeca Eriksen, PhD, MSc, BSc, RD

Nutritionist at the Executive Health Clinic in Marbella, Spain, where she deisgns custom nutritional protocols for addiction recovery.

julia ross amino acid therapy

Julia Ross, M.A., N.N.T.S.

Best-Selling Author, Mood and Craving Expert, Nutrient Therapy Pinoneer, and one of the leading trailblazers in Amino Acid Therapy.

Tricia Lewis

Creator and host of the wildly popular podcast, Recovery Happy Hour, an alcohol recovery podcast with around 500 5-star reviews.

John Umhau, M.D.

Addiction Medicine Specialist and expert in Nutritional Neuroscience, Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment, and the Sinclair Method.

rynda laurel recovery story addiction mental health

Rynda Laurel

Founder of VRYeveryday, Recovery Nutrition Coach L1 at the Academy of Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition, more than 28 years sober.

Mission & Purpose

The Elevation Recovery Podcast is and will continue to be very progressive. There is quite a lot of outside the box thinking and it's certainly not your typical recovery podcast.

The aim is to provide people with a wide variety of philosophies, principles, therapies, strategies, tactics, tools, tips, and resources for recovering from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

While the typical recovery podcasts focus largely on traditional recovery methods such as 12-step, Elevation Recovery focuses more on ways to overcome and transcend addiction without needing to attend meetings. If you currently attend meetings or are open to it, the vast majority of information you learn on the Elevation Recovery Podcast can help you to supplement 12-step recovery.

Neither are exclusive, and ultimately you get to decide what information you incorporate into your recovery plan and which information you discard based on your personal preferences.

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The fields of addiction & mental health treatment are stagnant, and we're 100% dedicated to ensuring the rapid advancement of these important domains.

The Elevation Recovery Podcast vision is to introduce you to the people, ideas, principles, strategies, & tactics that we believe can increase recovery rates.

We publish cutting-edge content on the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and dozens of other fields relevant to addiction & mental health recovery.

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