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This company is aimed at helping people transcend addiction and/or mental illness. Our Mission is to rapidly progress the fields of addiction and mental health treatment, and our vehicle to do this is the Elevation Recovery Podcast.

The fields of addiction & mental health treatment are stagnant, and we're 100% dedicated to ensuring the rapid advancement of these important domains.

The Elevation Recovery Podcast vision is to introduce you to the people, ideas, principles, strategies, & tactics that we believe can increase recovery rates.

We publish cutting-edge content on the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and dozens of other fields relevant to addiction & mental health recovery.

Recent Podcast Episodes

chris scott

Chris Scott

Specialist in Alcohol Recovery

Co-Founder of Elevation Recovery

Hey there! I'm Chris Scott, and I founded Fit Recovery to help people from around the world dominate alcohol dependence and optimize their health. I'm in my 6th year alcohol-free, and I've lived the methods that I write about on my site. I'm the author of Drinking Sucks!, a short book that challenges both drinking culture and mainstream recovery narratives. I'm also the creator of Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0, a course used by hundreds of people to quit drinking and rebuild their bodies and minds from scratch. A Professional Member of Alliance For Addiction Solutions, I've dedicated nearly half a decade to studying alcohol recovery, natural supplementation, and fitness.

Matt Finch

Specialist in Opioid Recovery

Co-Founder of Elevation Recovery

More than a decade ago, I finally overcame opioid addiction and made a conscious decision to make it my "Life's Purpose & Mission" to helping others do the same. So I became a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and began working at an outpatient Opiate Treatment Program. But after seeing the traditional treatment approaches having such low recovery statistics, I quit to start my own company, Opiate Addiction Support, in an effort to solve the "Recovery Puzzle" and create an Opioid Detox & Recovery Blueprint that was highly-effective and duplicatable (outlined in Ultimate Opiate Detox 5.0). And now, to make an even bigger impact, I've joined forces with Fit-Recovery founder Chris Scott to start this Elevation Recovery Project.

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